Tom Fletcher CMG is the former UK Ambassador to Lebanon and a Visiting Professor at New York University and the Diplomatic Academy. He campaigns for global education, the UK's creative industries, and the power of social media to create positive change.
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Naked Diplomacy :

Power and Statecraft in the Digital Age

This book looks at how technology is changing power and diplomacy, as it always has. The Digital Age will put many professions, ideas and states out of business, and shift power away from governments. It will make it harder to marshall the coalitions needed to confront growing global challenges, from migration to poverty to terrorism. There will be winners and losers. How can diplomacy regain its mojo, and play its part in helping citizens use the superpower at their disposal?

'A diplomatic genius' Gordon Brown (2017)

'A great read from a brilliant diplomat' David Cameron (2017)


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August, 2017
Tom on the Today Programme
A senior General in the Syrian Arab army has told the BBC his forces are some 60 miles


January, 2017
Listen to Tom on the Today Programme
Sir Robert Cooper, former UK diplomat and European Commission official says there seems

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The outgoing British ambassador to Lebanon hates the image of diplomats as stuck-up cha


August, 2015
How to step down as an ambassador – with style
That sound you hear is the massed ranks of long-departed British ambassadors turning in

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